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Since a free hookup site tends to pay a lot of money per subscriber

It’s not a surprise that a lot of online marketers have become adult dating site affiliates. While there’s nothing wrong with being an affiliate and making a commission from promoting a website, there is something wrong with conflicts of interest. Unfortunately, this is exactly the kind of problem you will run into with free hookup web sites.

These types of review sites don’t really have your best interest in mind. You have to understand that these types of websites exist for one thing and one thing alone. They are there to make money. They’re not there to give you the inside scoop regarding the websites that they are reviewing.

In reality, if they were to publish real reviews, nine times out of ten, the websites that they are promoting actually are not worth joining. Maybe they don’t have enough members. Maybe they don’t have the right niche focus. Maybe the quality of the communication platform sucks. Whatever the reason is, there are serious black eyes to most typical hookup websites.

Unfortunately, you won’t hear any of this from fake review sites. Why? They don’t want to give you any reason to not join the site. They want you to join the site because for every member they successfully recruit, they make a fat commission. How much money are we talking about? Anywhere from thirty-five dollars to several hundred dollars per new member. That’s how much money is at stake. Not surprisingly, the conflict of interest can be quite intense.

You have to learn how to spot fake reviews, or in contrast, spot real reviews. Real reviews show the negative and positive sides of a dating site. They show everything, warts and all.

If you’re looking to determine whether or not you can trust a particular review site, pay attention to how their reviews read. A good site would be this one: FreeHookupSite.
If they have several negative reviews and these negatively reviewed sites offer affiliate programs, then chances are the website you’re on is real and is worth trusting. However, if you notice that the vast majority of the reviews at a particular website are overly positive, run far, far away. You’re simply just wasting your time.